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discover a Unique musical experience

with three new videoclips

from Luzmila Carpio's

much-anticipated album,

"Inti Watana: The Return of the Sun" !

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About Luzmila


 Luzmila Carpio is a Bolivian singer, songwriter, composer, record producer, and actress of Quechuan origin who for over half a century has spread ancestral Andean knowledge and music all over the world. Luzmila’s music is particularly important in this global context of a reencounter with native roots, a new awakening of the conscience and the connection with the natural world, with the Pachamama. Her music transmits sensitivity towards the earth, respect for Latin American indigenous traditions and vindicating the role of women in our society.


 As a small child, she learned the daily songs of the Quechua and Aymara indigenous peoples that inhabit the Bolivian Altiplano. Contrary to the prevalent trend of modernization, she started looking deeper into the cultural and musical ways of the Andes and singing in Quechua, rather than Spanish. The main ingredient was not to please the audiences that kept growing but rather to use her music as an expression of rebellion against the predominance of western cultural ways over indigenous ones, as a way to build more harmonious relationships among the peoples of the world. Her early compositions are until today considered by many as a symbol for oppressed cultures.


 In the late 1980s, she established in Paris to continue her musical evolution and be taken seriously as an artist. She then created something more profound than urban folklore. Throughout her collaborations with musicians from various genres, Luzmila Carpio skillfully weaved together indigenous sounds with modern instrumentation. She created a fusion that is both authentic and innovative, allowing her to appeal to a broader audience while maintaining the essence of her cultural heritage. This led her to win a Diapason d'Or in 2000, a prestigious award of outstanding music recordings given by reviewers of Diapason magazine in France.


 In 2015, ZZK Records remixed her recently re-released UNICEF album from the 1990’s  Yuyay Jap'ina Tapes to create the album Luzmila Carpio Meets ZZK.  The album received critical acclaim and was described as "futuristic shamanism" by VICE and as "a condensation of tradition and futurism, of past and contemporary, organic sounds and digital rhythms" by RFI and both albums were listed in the top 10 Latin Albums of the Year by Rolling Stone Magazine


 In her recent compositions, Luzmila Carpio delves into themes that not only resonate with her indigenous heritage but also hold significance for younger generations. She explores the issues of cultural identity, empowerment of women in society, environmental preservation, and the importance of indigenous spirituality in a rapidly changing world.


 By fearlessly blending tradition with innovation and using her music as a means of social commentary, Luzmila Carpio represents more than ever the avant-garde spirit within the indigenous music scene, pushing boundaries and breaking new grounds.

Discover the soul-stirring
rhythms of Luzmila Carpio
- a mesmerizing fusion of Andean
and Electronic sounds -

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